Professional Carpet Repairer

To achieve the maximum life from your carpet and the best possible look for your space, chose a skilled professional like Steve Bailey. Using the best supplies and techniques available Steve can achieve the finish that you are looking for.

Professional Carpet Repair & Installation

Carpet repair requires expertise to carry out works efficiently and achieve results that show invisible signs of patch works or repairs. As a trusted and experienced carpet repairer, Steve Bailey specialises in:

  • Pet damage
  • Iron burns
  • Fraying seams
  • Stain repairs
  • Carpet burns
  • Tears
  • Joins
  • Stair replacement

Most Reliable Contractor Locally

Steve Bailey, the professional Brisbane carpet repairer is the person to entrust the most demanding tasks of carpet repair and restoration.

For a much improved look of your home or office, Contact Steve Bailey today to know more information about Professional and Speedy Carpet Repair Services!